Caroline Mohr

Play bigger with the right Mindset

Category: Mental Health

Caroline Mohr
Mar 9, 2021 at 3:00 PM CET

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Join in on a free webinar with the international public speaker - Caroline Mohr.
Speaker Caroline Mohr is a true expert of inner strength. In the middle of her professional golf career, Caroline survived a severe earthquake, only to find out her cancer diagnosis weeks later. The only way to survive was to amputate her right leg – but she did not give up.

In 2011, speaker Caroline Mohr’s life took a tremendous turn. In the middle of her professional golf career, she survived a big earthquake in New Zealand – only to find out weeks later that she has cancer. While she was on her way to the top golf leagues all over the world, she had to amputate her right leg to survive the disease.

This didn’t stop her from reaching her dreams. Just two months after the operation, she was out on the golf course – standing on one leg.

In her keynotes, speaker Caroline Mohr tells audiences about her journey and the way of beating the mental and physical challenges she had to face. Her lectures can give you and your business fresh energy to face the future. Caroline will give you inspiring new perspectives and will show you how to focus on the right goals, learn from setbacks and tackle your challenges with courage.

In this webinar, Caroline will show you how to change your attitude to get to the next level

  • You have to change your attitude to get to the next level – Caroline will show you how to do it! She will also help you finding your core drive to set the right goals – and achieve more.
  • This topic is perfect for organisations looking to improve the mindset of their individuals and their focus on goals to encourage change. Caroline also supplies the audience with inspiring ideas about finding focus and opportunities – a thinking pattern which they can implement in their own lives immediately.

Time and date:
March 9th

2:00 PM GMT
3:00 PM CET
9:00 AM EST

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