Leadership in the changed new era

Christopher Barrat

Category: Leadership

Sep 2, 2020 at 2 pm GMT +1

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What can you as a leader do engage people and your teams to survive this transition and thrive in the new era?


Just when we thought ‘change was the new normal’ the world has given us a new situation. It layers on a whole new level of changed situations that hit every aspect of our lives – personal, market, social and interactional.

This insightful, challenging and punchy ‘TED’ length Virtual Keynote will give you some practical ideas that you can put in place immediately. It will help you lead yourself and others forwards.


There are many parts of leadership that need to be looked at  due to these changes. A lot of leaders will need to adapt and rebuild their teams.  This Virtual Keynote will explore how to help you get started in a focused way.


You will learn: 

  1. Stop saying the future will be better! Leadership through understanding our common reality of experience is needed to engage people again
  2. Adapt to push more the ‘How and What’ at a personal level – emotions are closer to the surface now than ever before
  3. Keep the focus even sharper on existing motivational forces – they are going to be unchanged


Sounds challenging? ……it will be.  And at the same time it will be very pragmatic, with a few simple ideas to put into practice.


Christopher has over 20 years of blue-chip commercial leadership and management experience followed by 18 years of successful independent consultancy supporting teams, individuals and departments to improve their communication, commercial and leadership skills. He brings his wit and wisdom to help focus on the real issues that need sorting, helping to convert concepts into concrete actions. Based in London he works all over the world and in a wide range of business verticals, his current clients include the COO of a €5bn company and start-ups with less than 10 people. The common issue is people – and getting them to flourish for themselves and inspire others to make a positive difference.


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