Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

What if kindness was cool: How can compassion raise morale and bring employees, communities, and teams together?

TEDx speaker Jeremy Goldberg is a Ph.D. scholar who spent five years studying the science of human behavior, specifically how attitudes affect action and how we can communicate to inspire greater and lasting change. He has presented his research at international retreats, conferences, and online workshops, and has been featured by The Huffington Post, ABC News, The Good Men Project, and more.

Speaker Dr. Jeremy Goldberg is a scientist trying to start a kindness revolution in his spare time called Long Distance Love Bombs. Jeremy completed a Ph.D. in behavior change, focusing specifically on how our attitudes influence our actions, why habits form, and how we can design our lives to positively impact the world around us. He has presented his research at international retreats, conferences, and online workshops.

Jeremy started small by leaving little handwritten notes of encouragement and inspiration everywhere he went, then began sharing his writing on social media. His ideas have started a wave of kindness that helps people find the strength to fight heartache, alcoholism, depression, and betrayal. Jeremy is active on social media, with more than 40k followers on Instagram (@LongDistanceLoveBombs) and 20k on Facebook.

In this webinar, Dr. Goldberg will show you the truth about kindness:

  • Using kindness, gratitude, and vulnerability as a means to foster connection and empathy between people
  • Sharing the three surprising tricks that can transform anyone into a more grateful and graceful person every day.
  • Explaining why pain isn't something to hide but rather a powerful tool that can unite us.

Time and date:
February 25h

3:00 PM GMT
4:00 PM CET
10:00 AM EST

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