Lucinda Douglas

Prepare yourself to always hear YES

Now more than ever we have to hear the word YES. The question Lucinda often gets is HOW? Her newest book is called: This Is How You Always Get To Hear Yes! Lucinda will share 2 scientific methods which dramatically increase your hearing YES in your life.

Lucinda believes that businesses need to hear YES more than ever before and she is more than willing to share her secrets with you. Some scientific and a few that she has managed to practise throughout a period of 20 years.

A webinar worth your time and indeed worth the effort. For the first time Lucinda will be sharing what seems really common and normal but with a twist.

About Lucinda Douglas

Empowerment speaker Lucinda Douglas helps women to reach the top of their capacities, become the best version of themselves and become successful in life and business! She was nominated for the encouragement award “Ethnical Business Woman of the Year” as well as the VIVA 400 as one of the most inspirational women. Speaking from the heart, Lucinda infects audiences with her positive attitude and belief that YES YOU CAN!

As an international keynote speaker, Lucinda Douglas knows how to motivate and inspire people like no other! With her YES YOU CAN mentality she reaches a wide audience and empowers them to go beyond their limits – making the impossible possible!

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