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UltraCreativity - Unleash your excellence & soar

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Sonja Piontek
Feb 4, 2021 at 3:00 PM CET

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This webinar is all about unlocking your potential and unleashing the excellence within you - especially as we are slowly getting out of COVID-19. During this deeply inspiring session, Sonja shares proven tools and deep insights into the concept of UltraCreativity as well as into her own amazing journey that will help the audience learn to trust themselves, focus on their strengths, find new solutions and have the right mindset and determination to pull through and soar.

​​Only the visionary, ultra creative brain is able to unlock a person's true excellence

Sonja Piontek is an award winning marketer, the former Director of Marketing for BMW Asia, a bestselling author and acclaimed global keynote speaker on UltraCreativity. She is also the founder and CEO of award winning agency Sonnenkind - known for the creation of unforgettable experiences. Magazines and newspapers around the world regularly feature Sonja and her outstanding work. The visionary Germany has lived in six countries (Germany, Austria, Indonesia, New Zealand, China and Singapore) and speaks five languages. As a thought leader on creativity and unleashing potential, she has spoken in 27 countries and inspired thousands of people from the stage. 


Why you should sign-up for Sonja Piontek's free webinar

  • She is an international thought leader on creativity and is known to deliver incredible results for her clients. Using her executive background and vast International experience Sonja shares powerful tools and deeply inspires audiences.
  • She is an advocate for people and teams with potential. Sonja Piontek herself stepped out of a great career and took a leap of faith into her dreams; Sonja deeply inspires audience members to believe in themselves and make the impossible possible in their lives as well as their jobs.
  • She is also an award winning marketing expert. Speaker Sonja Piontek looks back on an international executive career with BMW. She left the corporate world as Director of Marketing for BMW Asia to set up her own award winning agency and focus on her speaking career. Today, she uses her learned practices to guide companies to success.


Time and date:

4th Feb, 3 pm CET

2:00 PM GMT
3:00 PM CET
9:00 AM EST

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