Steven Van Belleghem

Customer Experience in 2021: Beyond convenience

Meet the new minimum for happy customers Things are not what they used to be. They're better, faster, more empathetic, and cheaper.

To compete in tomorrow's business landscape, you need to create an offer the customers can't refuse.

Social media, mobile services, and 4G (and soon 5G) have created a new minimum for customer service. And if you don't play this game and give users what they want, your company will see a dwindling customer base.

Don't be that company. 

These past years Steven Van Belleghem has given more than 1,000 presentations at events in over 40 countries to help companies prepare for the future. His core expertise is the future of customer-centricity. 

The combination of customer-centric thinking, the latest technologies, and the human touch is the guiding principle in Steven's stories.

The world faces unprecedented challenges: climate, healthcare, government budget deficits, mobility, and more. Make it your strength to involve your customers in the solution to these problems. 

The company that can combine automation and partner in consumers' lives while solving actual social issues will be the next decade's most successful business. 

For consumers, the combination of all these elements constitutes an offer they can't refuse. Join us for a free trip to the future of sales for companies that are keen to make an impact on customers lives as well as their profits.

Steven Van Belleghem has authored four international bestsellers and has sold more than 130,000 books. His work is translated into seven languages, and he is the recipient of a variety of awards (most innovative marketing book, best marketing book, best international business book).

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