Pandit Dasa

Mindfulness and Resilience During a Time of Social Distancing

Category: Happiness at Work

Pandit Dasa
Dec 10, 2020 at 9.30 AM EST

Join this free webinar with Mindful Leadership expert Pandit Dasa.
Pandit Dasa is an author, former monk, and founder and CEO of Work Mindful Corp

Keynote speaker Pandit Dasa is a Mindful Leadership Expert who aligns mindfulness and happiness to enhance your audiences' work and personal life. He has spoken at a TEDx conference, SHRM National Convention and has been featured in the NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, and Inc. Magazine. He has presented to executives of Google, NASA, Oracle, Intel, The World Government Summit, UNICEF, The World Bank, JPMorgan Chase and many others on the techniques and science of Mindfulness.


During our current time of change and uncertainty, our stress and anxiety levels can go through the roof. It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to maintain our physical, mental and emotional health so we can take care of ourselves, our family and remain productive in our professional life. This talk combined with writing exercises will address the following items: 

  • Importance of Positive Relationships
  • The myth of multitasking
  • Healthy Eating
  • Unplugged Sleep
  • Regular Exercise
  • Maintaining a Personal Hobby

Participants will also learn the science behind mindfulness and will be virtually guided through a variety of mindfulness practices for reducing stress, improving productivity and emotional intelligence. Some of practices are as follows:

  • Breathing - for stress reduction
  • Focusing - for improving one's ability to concentrate and focus
  • Gratitude - to shift to a more positive mindset
  • Appreciation - develop appreciation for the contributions of our colleagues
  • Personal Development - reflection on ways we can improve our character


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