Frequently asked questions

Can I watch events after they are over if I get delayed?

The short answer is 'Yes, but for a limited time."

Our speakers and organisers decide for themselves how long an event will be visible. We recommend keeping all events viewable for at least 48 hours.

I want to make webinars on Zevio - is that possible?


Yes, in most cases it is.


Write us at if you are interested. Please include what you want to talk about, and a link to your homepage / company.

There are 3 ways we can do this if you are approved to send on Zevio - all include being included in our marketing efforts to a degree.

1) You create your event and get an RTMP / KEY and simply stream to this at the time of your event. This requires some technical skill, but it is free.


2) You create your event, and we send you a link to join from when it is time. We test together in advance. This costs 99 EUR (excluding taxes), and is a good solution when you do not want to focus on the technical aspects.


3) You create your event and visit our studio in Odense (Denmark) or Copenhagen (Denmark) and send from there. You don't need to worry about a thing (except looking sharp and remembering your talk). This costs 399 EUR (excluding taxes) per hour - but usually one is enough.


If you want to use a studio closer to your location, this is possible too. Make a deal with your local studio, and use the above option 1. Any payment between you and the studio is between you and the studio, and has nothing to do with Zevio.

Is it really free to watch all this great content?


But you may be signed up to mailinglists from organisers and Zevio when you sign up for a webinar. You can, of course, unsubscribe from mailing lists at any time.

Why is this site in English, when your speaks are in Danish/Norwegian/German etc?


Because English is the language most likely to be understood by most people.


We're looking into making local language versions of the site to make it easier to use. But to let users select a language, means that we need them to have acounts and store more information on them. This takes some time to build.

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