Please make sure you are using an updated browser and have reliable internet. Streaming - particularly in high quality, does require a fast, stable connection.

We support playback in browsers that can decode H.264 videos in an HTML5 player as per Vimeos documentation.

Here is a list of supported browsers/versions:

Chrome 30+ (has automatic updates)
Firefox 27+ (has automatic updates)*
Microsoft Edge
Safari 9+ 

*Only on Windows 7 or later.

SAMSUNG Internet browser is NOT supported; Internet Explorer is NOT recommended and will only work on Windows 7 or later.

For mobile and tablet playback, please ensure that you use at least:

Android (Marshmallow) version 6.0+
iOS version 12.4+

Make sure your internet connection is stable. If you experience glitches during playback, please adjust your streaming quality using the video's gear icon.

Audio tends to be of low quality on built-in speakers on laptops, phones, and tablets. Please use headphones when joining from a device.

If necessary, close, and re-open your browser.

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